After the half term Year 2 will be starting their new topic The Great Fire Of London. We will be looking at the book Toby and the Great Fire of London.

Things to do at home:
Research the Great Fire of London. Why did it happen? When did this event happen? What type of materials were the buildings made from? What did the buildings look like?

Please bring in bring in spare boxes (e.g. cereal box) to make our model houses… 1 box per child. Please listen to your child read every day. Help them to practice their spellings at home and try using them to write sentences independently as well as practicing their handwriting.


We have started our new Maths scheme – POWER maths and teachers and pupils will be moving onto a new week of learning that will be looking at addition & subtraction.

Things to do at home:
Talk to your children about counting on and taking away. Count back and forwards from any given number from 50 to 100. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

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