Important messages

Dear Parents/Carers,

There has been marked improvement with leaving the classroom at 9:00 a.m. Attendance has improved in some classes while others struggling to get 96%. Please make sure your children attend school regularly. Thank you for all your hard work and co-operation.

There will be a Phonics workshop for parents on Thursday 31st January 2019 in the hall: Time: 9:15am.

Pupils’ achievement for last week of last term:

  • Bees- Adeena and Ridhy
  • Butterflies – Inaaya P and Andra
  • Caterpillars- Illias and Telina
  • Ladybirds – Kaylah and Junaid


We will continue our work with counting on, with a focus on number-bonds to 20. The children will be using their understanding of number bonds to 10 to help them.

Things to do at home

Help your child to write their numbers correctly.
Help them to add using the following steps below.

I know 3+4=7 so I know 13 + 4 + 17.


The children will starting new genre which is Poetry. They will be reading and performing a variety of poems about the weather. The will reciting poems and they will be using the structure of a poem to write their own.

Things to do at home

Explain the features of poems. The link below should help.

Help them learn the spellings in bold as they will be tested next week. children, could, looked, people, little, their, don’t, very, Mrs. & it’s.

Other Subjects

We will be learning how day length varies in the different seasons.

They will be investigating and sorting different types of weathers including extreme weathers such as drought, floods into those that occur in the UK and those that do not.

We will be looking at online safety.

We will continue learning how Christians pray and the different ways they pray.

They will be naming all the primary colours and mixing them to make secondary colours.

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