English Focus

In English next week our focus will move towards researching famous landmarks of London. Children will have the opportunity to plan and write non-chronological reports about their favourite landmarks.

Children will use headings, subheadings, diagrams, third person and factual language. This is an example of a paragraph about the Tower of London using third person and the factual language. The most famous people to be locked up in the Tower of London were Queen Elizabeth 1st and Guy Fawkes. The Tower of London has been used for many things since it was first built.

Maths Focus

Next week, the main focus of their learning is on equal grouping and sharing. Children will be using their prior knowledge of the multiplication facts when sharing and making equal groups. They will use repeated subtraction strategy to work out a division fact using a number line with equal jumps going back to 0. The number of jumps is the missing part of the division sentence. For an example, if they were using the 5 times table facts and a number line to share or group 35 they will use this model.

Please encourage your child to practice 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

SATS Parents’ meeting

Thank you for your participation and the interest shown during the workshop.

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